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Benefits of Museum School London

Benefits of Museum School London:

Museum School London brings together teachers, students, and museums to experience our community's local and national heritage sites.

The mission of the London Heritage Council is to inspire, nurture and manage innovative initiatives in the region.

Museum School London is a program that embodies this mission, bringing together teachers, students, and museums for unique place-based educational experiences.




  • Students make real-life applications of what they learn in school
  • Students gain a deeper understanding through experiental learning and periods of observation and reflection
  • Students are exposed to various careers related to history, science, art, health care and education, giving them a heightened awareness of career choices within the community
  • Students, some of whom may not otherwise have the opportunity, are given the chance to explore and discover the magical world of museums in their community



  • Participation in Museum School London is a professional development opportunity for teachers, providing new teaching ideas, concepts and resources to implement back in the classroom
  • Teachers learn more about their students’ strengths and learning styles, which helps them upon their return to the classroom
  • Teachers gain knowledge of the educationally rich resources at local museums and gain confidence in making use of community resources



  • Museum School London gives students, teachers and volunteers a heightened awareness and better understanding of the museum’s collection and mandate
  • Museums benefit from increased exposure and greater understanding of their educational and cultural value
  • Museum School helps to build current and future audiences which increases utilization of the site


Parents and Adult Volunteers


  • Adult volunteers assist with supervision of students and engage them in small group activities. Many have commented on how rewarding it is to see the students thrive with the additional adult support
  • Volunteers become engaged and learn about the curriculum areas being presented
  • Volunteers gain knowledge about the museum site, helping them to be more connected to their community