London Arts Live

Professional artists. Live performances. Celebrating the best of London's culture.

London Arts Live makes our community’s streets, parks, and buildings come to life.

A unique program of the London Arts Council, London Arts Live provides professional artists with new venues and audiences and offers Londoners new opportunities to engage in and experience the arts. Supported by the Community Arts Investment Program, London Arts Live provides funding to professional artists to perform in designated public spaces across London.

The program officially launched in June 2016 after collaborative discussions between the London Arts Council, the City of London Culture Office, and the City of London Music Office. Artists are selected for the program by a jury of arts professionals, based on written applications and live auditions. We are proud to support and feature a creative and diverse roster of artists. If you a professional artist and want to share your passion with the community, click here to learn how you can apply to London Arts Live.

Check out our schedule: