London Artist in Residence

The London Artist in Residence program explores opportunities for local artists to develop new learning opportunities for youth, teachers, and community members. Bringing the arts into the health care sector, the classroom, and the community, enriching the lives of all Londoners.

LAIR in the Classroom

The London Artist in Residence (LAIR) program funds London-based artists to collaboratively develop and deliver in-depth, integrated arts-infused projects with teachers in the Thames Valley District and London District Catholic School Boards. It makes the classroom come alive by not only engaging children and youth in the arts, but promoting the value of the arts to youth, school boards and the community at large. Click here for more information.

LAIR in Health

The London Arts Council is working to expand the work of the London Artist in Residence Program to reach new demographics in our community. Everyone deserves access to the arts and artistic expression and through the LAIR program, we will bring professional artists into the health sector to help enrich the lives of Londoners. Click here for more information.