Public Art Program

The Public Art Program works to create, install, and maintain public works of art in our community.

Public art inspires. It has the capacity to bring communities together to celebrate the best of a city's diverse art, heritage, and culture. For more than 10 years the London Arts Council has worked with the City of London Culture Office to help create new opportunities for public art through the Public Art Policy.

A strong public art program can be a rising tide that lifts all boats, creating meaningful employment for artists, bolstering civic pride, and attracting tourism and investment. Through our partnership with the City of London Culture Office, the London Arts Council administers the program, including artist selection, site evaluation, convening juries, and overseeing installation timelines.

If you are interested in the Public Art Program, use the links to the side to learn about opportunities for local artists or how submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Click the map below to find our public art in the community.

(City of London and London Arts Council joint projects are marked with Red Pins. London Arts Project public art projects are marked with Blue Pins.)