Poet Laureate

Words can inspire, connect, unite, and foster community pride and sense of belonging.

The London Arts Council is proud to announce Tom Cull as London's Poet Laureate. A Poet Laureate is an internationally-recognized ambassador for poetry and literary arts.

Tom joins the ranks of London’s former Poet Laureate, Penn Kemp, as well as fellow Poet Laureates from cities across Canada. Learn more about Tom and his work here

Supported by the Community Arts Investment Program, this unique position aims to raise awareness of the arts in the everyday consciousness of Londoners and inspire emerging artists to further their poetic craft. Our Poet Laureate will engage the city through public readings, civic functions, collaborative initiatives, and by creating a legacy project, unique to their work and the life of our city.

The Poet Laureate of London is selected by a jury administered by the London Arts Council based on their literary achievement and active participation and contribution towards London’s community and literary arts.

To contact Tom, please email poetlaureate@london.ca

For more information, please contact Rachel Pennington, Public Art Specialist for the London Arts Council at 519-661-2500 x 8477 or rpenning@london.ca

Interested in having the Poet Laureate present, give a reading, or participate in your event or activity? Send us a Booking Request!


Upcoming Events

"Poet Laureate Presents... Local Publishers"

May 8, 7:00 p.m.

London Public Library Central Branch, Stevenson-Hunt Room

Come and learn about some of London's great local publishers and the writers they publish, both digital and in print. London's Poet Laureate, Tom Cull, will host this evening showcase featuring live readings of local poetry and literature and live music from London Arts Live.